Personality sessions are some of the most fun and unique sessions I do all year. Diving into a personality session with kids is like capturing slices of their everyday magic! Think they sound awesome but unsure of what you would bring for your child? No worries, here are my Top ten Ideas for a Memorable Personality Mini Session.

ONE: Playful Props and Everyday Wonders: Keep it casual with some of your child's favorite items. Think those sunglasses that are all of a sudden being worn 24/7, bandaids needed for any bump -- real or imaginary, or their trusty teddy bears – simple items that effortlessly reflect the authenticity of each child's character.

TWO: Artistic Vibes with Doodles and Scribbles: Have a budding artist in your home? Infuse a bit of artistic flair by letting the kids doodle and scribble. Bring a chalkboard and chalk, crayons/markers and paper, stickers galore, whatever is currently the favorite medium. Capturing their artistic expressions adds a touch of casual charm to every shot.


THREE: Everyday Story Moments: Make your avid readers books a part of the session's casual vibe. I'll snap away as the kids immerse themselves in a tale or surround themselves with all their favorite reads.

FOUR: Groovy Moves Dance Party: Why not let loose and turn the session into a mini dance party?! For this you don't have to bring a thing! I'll blast their favorite tune and capture the carefree moves and grooves, freezing moments of laughter and self-expression.

FIVE: Chill Portraits with Personal Touches: Keep it real with casual portraits that incorporate personal touches. Encourage the kids to bring along everyday items that define them, whether it's a skateboard or a favorite toy – resulting in effortlessly cool and personal photographs. I've had children bring everything from Legos to dolls and dinos to basketballs!


SIX: Treasured Collections Showcase: Explore the world of each child's unique collections. Whether it's seashells, action figures, or colorful rocks, I'll capture candid shots as they proudly showcase their collections. What a fun insight into their current passions and interests.

SEVEN: Games and Giggles in Every Frame: Do they love games or puzzles? Bring it on! We'll incorporate their favorite game pieces or controllers into their portraits.

EIGHT: Snack Shack Moments: If your kiddos are anything like mine, you've got a snack monster or two in your home. How fun would it be to freeze some relaxed munching of your kids enjoying their favorite snacks – a laid-back moment that brings out genuine smiles and expressions.

NINE: Let Them Choose: I am going to strongly encourage you to let your child choose their outfit. There's nothing more "childhood" than the days they come down in mismatched everything and are SO proud. Do they want to wear PJs and goggles? Great. And Elsa costume and flip flops? Perfect. A jersey for their team or favorite Swiftie sweatshirt? Yes Please.

TEN: Show and Tell: Wrap up the session with a casual show and tell. Your child can casually share something special; an item or a memory; creating moments that are as real and unique as they are.

These sessions are so fun and also super quick and easy. Think 5-10 minutes isn't enough? I've photographed hundreds of kids over the last 6 years, trust me, I got this! A fun personality session with kids is all about preserving the charm of their everyday lives. By keeping it easygoing and real, each photograph becomes a genuine reflection of their personalities, turning simple moments into lasting memories filled with joy and authenticity.

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