Summer is HOT in Texas.

This may be the understatement of the year. We all know this. It is fact.

We're coming to the end of that magical time in Houston where the days are finally longer, but the temps are still mild. It's been a gorgeous spring full of flowers and sun. But we all know what's coming. The heat. Which means outdoor sessions are about to get spicy (read:sweaty).

Over the past year, I've started investing time in shooting indoor sessions, both in home and in studios and I'm IN LOVE. What is so great about these sessions???


I'm not going to beat around the bush. It's hot outside. It's cool and lovely inside. This feels like a no brainer. When we attempt a summer outdoor session, I inevitably get the question: I'm sweating, you can edit that out right? And the answer is sometimes yes, but sometimes no. If you're wearing a pattern that's difficult to match up, or your sweat spot is so large I don't have enough unsweaty clothing to sample from, or that sweat drop just happens to be right in the middle of and angle in your face, then unfortunately, no, I can't edit that out. I'm pretty good when it comes to Lightroom and Photoshop, but I'm not a magician.

So let's just not worry about that and have your summer session indoors!!

In Home Sessions

Not only do we have A/C, but in your own home you have all your stuff. You have extra clothing in case of emergencies. You have snacks for little ones needing a break. You have the comfort of being in your space. You don't have to haul around all the diapers and toys and snacks and makeup and accessories and anything else you think you might want to have just in case. It's all already there, including that extra cup of coffee.

Studio Sessions

Unlike in home sessions, you're going to have to bring some stuff with you. But here's the trade off. You don't have to clean anything! In a studio, everything is already perfectly appointed. Fun furniture, bright lighting, carefully chosen paint to reduce color casts in your images, and choices to fit your family's style. Because I've been investing my time in these this year, I know a few wonderful studios that I love to shoot in. Two of my all time faves are Oak Atelier and Lumen Room. The Oak Atelier has multiple rooms to choose from that each have a different but beautiful feeling The Lumen Room is new to Houston and is so perfect for that modern vibe (plus they have some pretty awesome furniture),

Did I mention A/C?

The summer is the perfect time to have your family photos checked off your list so you don't have to squeeze them into what you know will be a busy fall. And just think about all those early bird deals you'll be able to take advantage of when ordering holiday cards!!