Prep Guide for Your Family Session


In Home - Please plan to be ready 5-10 minutes before our start time. This way when I arrive there's no last minute running around to pick up or outfit touch up stress. If you're ready and relaxed when I arrive, your family will be too.

On Location - Please plans to arrive no later than 5-10 minutes early to your session. I know getting everyone out the door for pictures is insane, but this will give you a chance to fix hair, gather toys, put shoes on, and breathe.


If we are having your session at a location outside of your home and you have not received an address or directions for the studio or location we discussed, please text me to get that information. My cell number is below.



Of course, I want you to feel beautiful. However, please keep in mind that with the nature of how I shoot, you will be playing with your little one. There will be moments where you are standing, sitting, holding your child, and quite possibly dancing and chasing. So, please plan accordingly. Wear something that you can move comfortably in and will feel okay sitting on the ground in. If it doesn't stay put or is too tight or short to get up and down in, please don't wear it. I would hate for any wardrobe malfunctions to take away from an amazing moment with your child.


As for colors and patterns, I can offer the following suggestions:

  • Let your location guide you. Casual clothes in home or studio look the most natural, flowy clothes are fun on the beach, etc.
  • I love mixing color and pattern, so don't be afraid of that.
  • Super bright red/pink/orange create a weird reflection on skin, so it's best to avoid wearing shirts in those colors (for pants, skirts and accessories, it is fine).
  • Accessories look great in photos.
  • Dress mom first. Put yourself in your favorite thing that makes you feel beautiful, and then coordinate everyone else around you.
  • Don't do anything too matchy-matchy. Everyone has a unique personality, and it is great to let that shine in clothing.
  • Make sure everyone’s clothes fit properly and are comfortable. If your child isn’t comfy, they will totally let us know, and it will show in the photos.
  • Make sure temporary tattoos, stickers, bandaids, markers and such have been cleaned from skin. If they are left on, they will be in the final pictures (which is fine by me if you are cool with it). Don’t forget to clean up chipped nail polish, too!
  • If your daughter is wearing a dress or skirt, please make sure she has on bloomers or shorts underneath.


Think about "activities" we can do in case your child needs a distraction. Things that photograph well are tickling, reading a favorite book, snuggling a lovie, playing with Matchbox cars, dancing, sharing jokes, whatever your kids are into or is something that your family does often.  And don't worry, I come with a huge collection of games and prompts to help get those natural smiles.

I let your child dictate the session. Yes, I will attempt to do certain things with them, but in the end, they are in charge. If they are happy and smiley, then great. If they are quiet and serious, that is great too. If they want to be held the entire time and refuse to look at me, that is also perfect. The goal is to capture them and your relationship with them just as they are, and I will definitely follow their lead.



If your little one needs a snack right before we start, by all means, feed them! Just try to avoid messy stuff like chocolate, candies, or juices that stain the face or mouth, etc. 

If you allow electronics in the car/before your session, please turn them off at least 15 minutes prior to the session…trying to pry an iPad from a kid is never fun and will almost always end in tears. 

In the time leading up to your session, keep things light and fun. Kids feed off of our vibe, and if you are angry or stressed, they will be cranky too. Please don’t fuss at your kids for not being perfect. (This goes for partners too 😉)

The thing that makes the biggest difference in a session is that YOU have fun. Play music, be silly, tell your kids how awesome they look, talk about some fun games we should try…take the pressure off and your kids will feel that positive energy. Just plan on rolling with it during a session. 

Sometimes things can get pretty wild and fun and silly, and nothing spoils the fun faster than an adult yelling at a kid to smile at the camera. I promise I am here for the energy! Please refrain from bribery and disciplinary action until after the session (unless your child is hitting or endangering themselves).



To be honest, the best way to reach me is by text. If you have questions about wardrobe, timing, location, etc. or need to reach me for any other reason, please text me at 832-331-3939.