Have you ever wondered...

What in the world you're going to do for an hour long photo session that will keep your kids engaged? The best part about photo sessions at home is you have so many options right at your finger tips! Not only that but you have the ability to dream up a completely unique to you and your family session. I have five (plus a few extra) ideas for help get your creative juices flowing.

#1 Make and eat a meal

We live so much of our lives in and around the kitchen, why not document it! Do you and your kids have a favorite meal? Snack? Dessert? Do you like to make it together? Let's get cooking!

#2 Game Time

Legos, Trains, Board Games, Tag, Hide and Seek. There are so much fun options and your kids will love that's you're giving them your time.


There's nothing I love more than snuggling up with my kids and reading a good book. If your family is filled with book worms like mine, this is a great calm way to get some real connection shots.

#4 Playing in the Yard

Who says we have to stay inside? If it's a lovely day how fun would it be to take some photos of your family playing on the swings, running around, playing catch, blowing bubbles, drawing with chalk or riding on bikes? Really the ideas are endless.

#5 Dance Party

This is a tried and true classic. Pick some tunes you all love, turn up the volume and dance like no one's watching!

A few extras...

  • Morning routines - This could be first thing getting out of bed, breakfast, playtime, right before nap time or any routine you have set up in your day.
  • Bathtime - Get a super sudsy bath going and play with your kiddos!
  • Crafts - Are you a crafty group? I'm here for all the crayons, scissors, glue and glitter.
  • Homeschool - Are you teaching your kids at home? Why not incorporate that into your session?
  • Pets - We love our furry family members, document how you love and care for them.

What would you add to make your family session unique?