I get it – convincing Dad to get on board with a family photo session might feel like a challenging mission. But fear not! I know just how to get dads on board with family photos. Let's dive into seven strategies that are sure to increase Dad's excitement for your upcoming family photo session! 📸✨

1. Communicate How Much This Means to You

Start by expressing your feelings about capturing these precious family moments. Share why having these photos is important to you and how it contributes to building a treasure trove of memories. When Dad understands the emotional significance, he's more likely to be invested in the experience.

2. Talk About What to Expect

Eliminate the unknown by discussing what the family photo session entails. Pull up your photographers website and show him examples of the types of photos they take so they know what to do at the session. Or open your prep guide and read through it together, you photographer likely included a bunch of information to make your session an enjoyable experience for everyone in the family. You can even read my blog about the top 6 games I love to play at sessions!

3. Lead by Example

Actions speak louder than words. If you're excited about the photo session, it's likely that enthusiasm will be contagious. Show your excitement, share your ideas, and let Dad see your genuine anticipation for capturing these special moments as a family. Your positive energy can be a powerful motivator. And when at your session, calm is key! Your people will feed off of your vibe, so breath deep and lead with calm and confidence.


4. Book a Lifestyle Session

Consider booking an in-home lifestyle photo session. Everyone is most comfortable in their own home, dad's included. It's where they already play and tease and rough house with the kids. And lifestyle sessions don't require anyone to stand still and smile. They're about capturing you having authentic fun living life with your people.

5. Rewards

Who doesn't love a little incentive? While I DON'T recommend this for kids (because no one's having fun if mom and dad are constantly saying, "smile so you can get ice cream after") I whole heartedly advocate this for dads! Their prefrontal cortexes are fully formed and they can remember that they've been promised a reward for fully engaging in the session. Ask before hand what reward he'd like and he can look forward to a favorite homemade meal, a movie night, or even a small treat. And you can look forward to a partner that fully present at your session.


6. Dress for Success and Comfort

Involve dad in the outfit selection process. Don't let me loose you at that statement. I don't mean give him full style selection if he's going to choose ratty sweats. But letting him in on the plan and ensuring that everyone (especially dad) feels confident and COMFORTABLE in their attire is key. When you look good and feel comfortable, the entire experience becomes more enjoyable.

7. Appeal to the Sentimental Side

Believe it or not, dads can hold the key to a great family session. Remind them of the power of freezing those candid family moments in time – the laughter, the love, the unexpected hugs. When the kids are all grown up, these photos will be priceless treasures that transport you back to those sweet, fleeting moments. A happy, engaged dad can make all the difference.

Remember, a family photo session is not just about capturing images; it's about creating a shared experience and weaving a tapestry of memories. By employing these strategies, you're sure to have Dad eagerly embracing the idea of creating lasting memories together.

Have you been meaning to book a family session and just haven't gotten around to it? Let this blog be your jumping off point. Reach out to me and let the countdown to your amazing family photo session begin! 🌈💖👨‍👩‍👧‍👦📷✨