Spring break is just around the corner, and if you're a mom in Houston, you might be wondering how to keep your kids entertained during their time off. Don't worry, I have some super fun spring break activities in Houston for moms and kids! I've created two exciting, free printables that will turn this spring break into an unforgettable adventure for both you and your little ones – introducing Spring Break Bingo and a Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt.

Spring Break Bingo:

A Game of Fun Activities and Delightful Discoveries

Picture this: your kids eagerly completing tasks and having experiences around Houston, all while shouting "Bingo!" with glee. That's the magic of Spring Break Bingo. I've carefully crafted a bingo card filled with engaging activities and sights that will keep your little ones entertained throughout the week (and are fun for you too).

Print out the Spring Break Bingo card and hand them to your kids. From visiting a local park to trying a new ice cream flavor, each square represents a delightful challenge waiting to be conquered. This isn't just any bingo game; it's a journey of discovery and joy, tailor-made for the diverse and vibrant city of Houston.

Encourage friendly competition among siblings (the first one to complete a row gets bragging rights) or turn it into a collaborative family affair. But the real prize is the laughter, shared memories, and the satisfaction of exploring the wonders of Houston together.

Get Spring Break Bingo Here


Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt:

Explore Your Backyard Like Never Before

Why travel far when adventure is just around the corner? My Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt takes you and your kids on an exploration of the beauty of your everyday. This printable is guaranteed to keep your kiddos busy!

Equip your little explorers with the scavenger hunt checklist, and watch as their eyes light up with excitement. They'll search for colorful items in nature to things with recognizable shapes and every item on the list is a chance to bond, learn, and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you.

Encourage your kids to interact with neighbors, ask questions, and look closely at their surroundings. Whether it's something that doesn't belong or a friendly pet on a porch, every discovery brings you closer to the heart of your neighborhood.


Making Memories That Last

As a mom, you know that the best moments are the ones spent with your kids, creating memories that last a lifetime. With my Spring Break Bingo and Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt printables, you're not just keeping your kids entertained – you're fostering a love for adventure, exploration, and the wonderful city of Houston.

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the excitement of spring break and dive into these free, fun-filled activities that will not only keep your kids engaged but also strengthen the bonds that make your family truly special. Download the printables, grab your kiddos, and get ready for a spring break like no other!