You know that my jam is capturing genuine smiles and heartfelt moments and that it isn't just about posing and smiling on cue. It's about creating an environment where you can relax, be yourselves, and enjoy the time together. That's why I love incorporating playful and interactive games into our sessions! Today, I'm sharing my top 6 favorite games to play at family sessions that not only make for fantastic photos but also leave you with unforgettable memories.

  1. Simon Says 😁 A classic with a photo-worthy twist! I take on the role of Simon and guide your family through various poses. When Simon says, "tickle mommy," get ready for those tickles! It's a fantastic way to capture authentic expressions while having a blast.
  2. Silly Family Member Questions 🤪 This is my go to game. I like to put you into a cuddle puddle and then ask questions about who in your family matches my questions. Who has the stinkiest feet? Who is most likely to steal candy? Not only does this bring out laughter, but it also showcases your family's unique personalities.
  3. Code Word 🤫 Kids love secrets! During the session, the little ones come up with a special code word and a corresponding action. When I say the code word during the shoot, the kids act out the agreed-upon action. It could be a group hug, a sneak attack, or even breaking out in to spontaneous spinning – adding an element of surprise and spontaneity to your photos.
  4. Follow the Leader 👣 A great way to capture movement and interaction! Kids always love to be the leader, especially when they get to make adults act silly. The family follows their lead in a series of fun movements – skipping, jumping, twirling. This game not only results in fantastic action shots but also showcases the joy and connection within your family.
  5. Freeze Dance 🎵📸 Incorporating music into the session adds a lively element. When the Spotify playlist starts, you move and groove! When it stops, freeze in a fun and candid pose. It's a dynamic game that captures the energy and playfulness of your family.
  6. Just Dinkin' Around 🚶🏼This is less of a game and more just a great way to capture your family authentically. I usually have mom and dad together chatting and watching the kiddos so what kiddos do. This is their time to explore the area, throw rocks, collect flowers, draw in the sand, whatever they feel led to do. It creates a calming and natural scene and you'll love looking back at these photos.

Bonus Games:

  • Favorite Family Activity (baking, coloring, uno, etc. It's something special to your family)
  • Red Light, Green Light
  • Peek-a-boo
  • Hand games

These games aren't just about creating beautiful photos; they're about fostering genuine connections and capturing the essence of your unique family dynamics. So, let's make memories together, one game at a time! 📷✨

Does this sound like a blast?! Reach out and let's plan a session!


Follow the Leader


Freeze Dance


Just Dinkin' Around


Hand Games