Proof of Mom

I currently have one toddler in my home, but I'm not very far off from having two and a baby on the way. I remember the looooong afternoons and needing activities to fill them. Enter Busy Toddler. Also enter, her concept of Proof of Mom photos.

I love this idea. How many times are are we taking photos of our kids, our pets, our partner, our partner with our kids, our family at the park, playing, on a trip? A zillion times. How many times are we in those photos? Ehhhhhh, maybe 5? I feel like that's being generous. And how many times do you think to actually book a photo session of just you and your baby/toddler/child just to document their milestones and your relationship as it is. Right now. I'm going to bet for most of you the answer is never.

I get it.

Sessions with littles feels hard! I have littles. It feels hard to me! But here's the thing...we only get such a short time with our babies, with our toddlers, with our children. Because they don't keep. So I'm going to challenge you to get in those photos mama. I want you to 1. get in the the cell phone photos and 2. book a motherhood session.

Did you know I hold motherhood MINIS at the gorgeous Thirteen48Heights Studio at least once a quarter? These are short, indoor sessions designed to capture the relationship and interaction between you and your child. Just as they are. Right now.

Motherhood Minis


Your Legacy.

When you look back at family photos from your childhood, what do you think about when you look at your mom? Okay maybe the first thing is some snarky comment about the fashion and the hair, but after that.

Look how young she was.

She's beautiful.

She loved us so much.

She worked so hard to make that special.

She looks so happy.

Look how she's holding me. How she's looking at me.

Okay okay, it's awful, but I'm sure that look was super trendy then, what a trailblazer!

Now think about the things you think about yourself. I know you're thinking them because I struggle with the same thoughts!

I don't have the house in order for photos.

My kids are going to be wild.

I don't know what I'd wear.

I have a few extra lbs. I'd like to lose first.

I don't like the way I look in pictures.

Something isn't jiving here (and frankly, it's BS!). Your kids are going to look back at pictures of you and think about how young and beautiful you are! How much you loved them. How happy you were to be with them. And how strange your fashion sense was! haha.

Mama, get in the picture. You're creating memories and a legacy for your family.