I have what may be an unpopular opinion...

I think the best place to have your newborn session is at home. Your family and your new baby are the focus, not the intricate wraps. Your connection and love is the prop, not baskets and bowls. And your home, not a studio, is the backdrop. I have SO many thoughts on why I love in home lifestyle photography for newborn sessions, let's dive in.

1. You're already here.

Now that your sweet babe is here I'm sure you've done your fair share of packing up the baby to get out of the house. Diapers, wipes, extra clothes, burp clothes, bottles, milk/formula, pacis, lovies, a few more diapers and extra clothes, stroller, carrier, car seat, PHEW! And if you have more than one kiddo you can go ahead and double some of those things. I'm tired just writing it. Doing all that, plus getting everyone dressed and keeping them clean, enough already! Save yourself the stress and time and effort and let me come to you!!

2. Comfort.

Your home is where you unwind, relax, catch up. It's where you have your favorite spot, curl up with a good book, talk about your day. It's where your kids have their stuff and we all know that sometimes comfort for your kiddo comes in the form of a stuffy or a book or legos. It's where you can all let your hair down and be yourselves and that leads to authentic photos of you and your people.

3. Backup.

Baby has a blowout? No problem. The diapers and extra clothes are right in this drawer.

Toddler need a break? Cool. We have a whole kitchen of snacks and Netflix in the family room.

Last minute wardrobe change? Sure! Let's go look in your closet.

Everything is already here. Even that extra cup of coffee.

4. Real life.

This is where you brought baby home. Where big brother or sister was promoted. Your home is where you're spending the sleepless nights. Where you're learning personalities. Where it's been hard. Where it's been beautiful. You're writing your families stories within these walls and it's worthy of documenting. I want to help tell this story and your home is the setting. I want to capture how you sway with your baby in the nursery you curated just for them. I want to document how the new big brother or sister feels about their baby (hint: it's not always joy and that's okay!). Those teeny tiny details? They're all right there, in your home.