What should we wear?

This is probably the number one question I get when working with my clients. And I get it! Trying to figure out what to wear for your photo session isn't easy! I have some tried and true tips that I send out to every family before their session in my pre-session guides. For this blog, though, I thought we'd get real practical.

If you have some favorite, go-to local shops, I always recommend supporting them first. (See this post for recommendations on some great local shops I love!) BUT. Sometimes you just don't have the time or the budget to make that work. Enter Amazon. You can get simple, inexpensive outfits that photograph well in any color scheme for the whole family. To get you started, I've put together a sample wardrobe (complete with links just click the photos).

Here we go!


A cute flowy dress.

Amazon has so many options for simple, flattering dresses. And as a plus the usually come in a TON of color options. Decide what you want to wear first, then coordinate your family around you!

Some simple slingbacks.

When thinking shoes, simple is best. And if we're in your home, you can skip this step, I'm going to have you take your shoes off anyway.

Add a hat for fun!

Some people are hat people and some people aren't. If you are, it's a fun way to add an accessory that's easy to pose with, play with and remove for variety.


Easy Chinos or Jeans.

I find if you dress dad in something he can wear again and feels comfortable in, the better he'll feel on picture day. Get some comfy chinos or even just pull out his favorite jeans.

Neutral Shirt

Keeping dad in neutral tones means you get to play more with your and the kids colors/patterns. The same theory goes if you're dressing up a bit more and going with a button down. Keeping dad simple and comfortable is the name of the game.

Driving Mocs Anyone?

Again, simple shoes are the way to go. This is a great time to get some easy to wear driving mocs that he can rewear for work or out about about.


Fun Details.

Little girl clothes are so fun! Get creative here. Either add something fun in the way of detail (like this cute keyhole back) or pattern.

Tall for Fall.

I love a good knee high sock in the fall.

Mary Janes

I'm also a sucker for a sweet pair of Mary Janes. Your daughter could wear these with or without the knee highs.

Final Touch.

Every little girl sees a sweet bow to finish the outfit. This has been one of my favorite accessories to play with now that I have a girl!


Same as Dad.

Just like dad, you want to keep boys simple on bottom. Nuetrals, jeans/chinos, comfortable. You can match son and dad if you want, but I find having a different color combo that goes adds a little more dimension.

Comfort is Key.

Little boys want to be comfortable and want to move. If we try to make them sit still in an itchy sweater, they will fidget and complain and mean mug. Go with a nice soft cotton henley, shirt or button down.

Cool Dude.

These shoes are the best. They are comfortable, slide right on and look nice for photos, or play. I like them so much my middle son wore a pair in our family session this summer!

Still don't know what to wear?

One of the perks of booking a session with me is styling help. I work with families all the time on what to wear. Once you're a client, I send you my cell number and am happy for you to lay clothes out on a bed and we can text or even FaceTime to help you find the best options! If you're ready to get started, send me a note here and we'll get to planning!