Which one is Right for your Family?

I'm often asked about the differences in Full Sessions and Minis. You might be surprised to learn that it's not all about price! There are many options to weigh when deciding what is the perfect fit for your family.


At its simplest, Mini Sessions are, well, mini. This means shorter session times. While Full Sessions tend to be about an hour in length, Minis are often about 15-20 minutes. This can be great if all you need is 1-5 photos for a holiday card or a quick family photo update. These sessions are fast and furious and offer just a snapshot of your family.

However, if you are looking to capture a special time/age/stage in your family's life, investing in a full session is for you. We have plenty of time for kiddos and parents to warm up. I have so much more time to earn their trust and to get to know you and your family. We have time to really document your connections and relationships. I am able to get into the details and tell a story that is unique to you and your favorite people.

I often hear worries that a full session might be too long for their younger kids. I want to put this to rest. My sessions are fun and filled with activities, prompts and even breaks when needed. After so many years of photographing families, I have a slew of games that we play throughout your session to keep kids engaged and get those genuine smiles.

Gallery Size + Print Credits

Another big difference in these sessions is the amount of photos you can expect to receive. The long and short of it is, your gallery will be smaller with a Mini Session and larger with a Full Session.

My Mini galleries tend include about 5-10 photos of your choice with the option to purchase the gallery of about 30-40 photos. My Full Sessions are all inclusive, you can expect a gallery of about 80-100+ photos. Not only that, but all of my full sessions include a large print credit. A full session is an investment and I want you to be able to get those photos off your computer and onto your walls and gifted to loved ones!


Okay, I know I said it's not all about price, but that is part of it. Minis are going to cost less than full sessions. This is partly because of the shorter session time and smaller gallery size we've already talked about. But also, photographers are able to charge less for Mini Sessions because the clients come in back to back. It helps offset the cost of the location, editing, and time and allows the photographer to give their clients a bit of a break! Win win!


After booking a Full Session with me, YOU get to choose the location. My clients sometimes have a place in mind that fits their vision and if not, I work with them to find the perfect location. Mini Session locations are chosen by the photographer.

Your Why

The last difference is all about your vision and needs. I actually see many of my clients for both Full and Mini Sessions each year. Full sessions are all about documenting your family. Taking the time to tell your story. But Minis can be useful to update your photos (maybe that wiggly tooth finally fell out or there have been some major growth spurts happening) or just to get something special for your Holiday card.

Whether I see you for a Full Session or a Mini or BOTH, honestly there's no greater joy for me that to see and visit with my families. I love every opportunity I'm given to see you so we can connect, chat and I can give you a great big hug!