Why My Family Opts for Summer Family Photos!

Summer is the season of warmth, sunshine, quality family time, and for us -- 📷 Family Photo time. As I begin to plan for our summer adventures and getaways, I always make sure to prioritize capturing our family through a photo session. There are SO many reasons why we choose to have our family photos done over the summer, so grab your sunscreen and let's dive in! 🏊‍♀️

  • Checking It Off the List Early: Raise your hand if you get extreme satisfaction when crossing off tasks on your to-do lists...🙋‍♀️ By scheduling our family photoshoot early in the summer, we eliminate the stress of last-minute planning. Think back to fall last year and all the back to school, sports, volunteering, holiday planning, etc. you had on your plate. Get family photos off that to do list early so you're not scrambling to find a photographer last minute!
  • Early Bird Discounts on Holiday Cards: Who says it's too early to think about the holidays? By opting for a summer photoshoot, we not only capture the essence of the season but I can also take advantage of early bird discounts 💵 on holiday cards. Yes please!
  • Unleash the Full Session Experience: While mini sessions may be a popular choice for some, it only captures a snapshot of your family. We choose to invest in a full session that captures the true essence of our family. We can explore our locations, enjoy outfit changes, and it gives our kiddos (and my partner) a chance to warm up so we really get those genuine smiles.

  • Value Beyond the Price Tag: Sure, a full session is a larger investment, but the value you receive in return is immeasurable. A wonderful client experience, more time to relax and engage with your family, create a story in images, more high-quality images, more variety, fill an album and have photos for your wall and/or gifts for family; it's an investment that gets more valuable with time.
  • Preserve Your Family Vacation: If you've been following me recently, you know I travel either to out of state clients or with my clients to their favorite vacation spots. By scheduling your family photoshoot during this time, we immortalize the joy and love you share you paradise. It's guaranteed to bring back those vacation vibes every time you look at your photos.
  • Seasonal Wardrobe Fun: If you always have your family sessions done during fall mini season, chances are your family photos are filled with fall colors and clothes. With summer comes a whole new range of fashion possibilities! From flowy sundresses to colorful printed shirts, summer offers a chance to experiment with vibrant and playful outfits that reflect your family's unique style.
  • Beat the Back-to-School Rush: As summer draws to a close, the back-to-school frenzy quickly takes over. By scheduling our family photoshoot early in the season, we ensure we have ample time to select the perfect photos, create personalized holiday cards, and order prints for ourselves and gifts without adding extra stress to our already busy schedules. Don't leave finding a photographer to the last minute or you might get a lot of "Sorry I'm booked" responses.

I can already hear the comment: But summer is SO HOT! I feel you. If you don't want to brave the heat, I actually prefer in home family sessions! You can read all about why here. And if in home isn't your style, Houston has so many gorgeous studios we can use to get the perfect indoor look.

Choosing to have our family photos done over the summer is something we have made a priority. We capture the essence of the season and our vacations, take advantage of early discounts and avoid the fall rush. So, why wait? Let's embark on a summer photoshoot adventure that reflects the love, laughter, and togetherness that define your family.