Must-Have Baby Items

Maybe this is your first baby and maybe this is number 2+, no matter where you are in your motherhood journey I'm sure you've noticed that there's so much baby stuff out there! How do you know what's worth the money and what's just a gimmick?

I've got you.

I have compiled a list of must-have baby items that are will make your life easier and keep your little one comfortable. From innovative gear to tried-and-true essentials, these items are designed to simplify your daily routine and create a nurturing environment for your baby. Everything on this list is either a favorite of mine personally or was recommended to me from some of my fabulous mommy clients!

Let's dive into the must-have baby items for every new mom!

  1. Doona Infant Car Seat and Stroller: The Doona was not around when I had little tiny's and mom's have told me it is a game-changer for busy moms on the go. It's an all-in-one car seat and stroller, making it incredibly convenient for travel and errands. With just a click, you can easily transform it from a car seat to a stroller, eliminating the need for multiple bulky items. Shop Doona
  2. Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine: I got this for Lila and can confirm that it is 100 worth the investment. I actually want one for myself! You cannot underestimate the power of a sound machine to get your baby to sleep and stay asleep, especially if you have older (see: louder) kids at home too. The Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine combines a sound machine, night light, and a time-to-rise feature in one. You can customize the sound, volume, and color to match your baby's needs. When Warren was first born our pediatrician told me, "turn it on and turn it up loud in a dark room and they'll sleep". I've never looked back. Shop Hatch Sound Machine
  3. Snoo Smart Sleeper: These are new from when I was having babies, but every client that has one raves about it! The Snoo is a responsive bassinet that mimics the womb's comforting sensations. It offers gentle rocking and white noise to help your baby sleep better and longer. It can be a pretty pricey investment. One mom told me, "For families that are having their first baby and know they plan to have more, it's cheaper to buy (and you may even be able to find one secondhand). But if it's your second (plus) or only, renting is the way to go!" Shop Snoo
  4. Keekaroo Peanut Changer: Where was this thing when I was having babies?! I had to look this one up, but it is an easy-to-clean, water-resistant changing pad that doesn't require additional covers, making it hygienic and cuts down on that ever growing laundry pile! Shop Keekaroo
  5. Dockatot Deluxe+: Every family has to make their own decisions about sleep. I know our family policy fluctuated with every child depending on what they (and we) needed. One thing I found to be true for myself is that I like having my babies close for the first little bit before moving them into a crib. We used a bassinet with our first two, but Dockatots came out when Lila was born and we used it for her. I absolutely LOVED having her close to me in it. This multi-functional lounger provides a cozy and safe spot for your baby to rest, play, and lounge. Its unique design mimics the womb's snug environment. Shop Dockatot
  6. Magic Merlin Sleepsuit: We never used one of these, but SO many people recommended them they needed to be on this list! Transitioning your baby from a swaddle can be challenging. The Magic Merlin Suit offers a safe and comfortable alternative, providing gentle compression and soothing sensations that aid in better sleep. Shop Magic Merlin Suit
  7. Ergobaby Carrier: The Ergo is my personal favorite because it's so versatile and easy to use, but this bullet point really is just about carriers. Some people prefer slings, others like wraps, and some like a mixture of all the different types depending the baby's age/size. The point being, do some research online, ask friends if you can try out their carrier and decide what you like best! Shop Ergobaby Carrier
  8. Sleep Gowns: Nighttime diaper changes can be a nightmare, but they're made easier with a good sleep grown. No these are not just for girls, I used them for all three and they really save the day. No buttons or zips, just pull them up, change, and pull back down. My favorites are the convertible gowns from Kissy Kissy. You can use them as gowns at night and playsuits during the day. Plus they're just so darn soft! Shop Kissy Kissy
  9. Nose Frida Nasal Aspirator: Dealing with a congested baby is never easy, but the Nose Frida Nasal Aspirator makes it simpler. This hygienic and non-invasive device allows you to clear your baby's stuffy nose effectively. And y'all. When mine were little, you had to use this tube to suck she snot out (vom) but now they have automatic ones! Game-changer. Shop Nose Frida
  10. Boppy Nursing Pillow: If you choose to do so, breastfeeding can be a beautiful bonding experience, and the Boppy Nursing Pillow makes it more comfortable for both you and your baby. Its ergonomic design provides proper support and positioning during feeding sessions, plus you can use it for support during tummy time and when baby first starts to sit up. I used one fore all three of mine and loved it. Shop Boppy
  11. Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced: A client mom of mine said, "If there's even a 1% chance of formula in your future, you need the breeza." This formula dispenser and mixer machine measures, mixes, and warms water to the perfect temperature in seconds. It saves you time and ensures accurate formula ratios every time. Shop Baby Brezza
  12. Baby Bjorn Bouncer: We had already invested in a bouncer with our first, so it didn't make sense to buy new but SO many of my mamas have recommended this bouncer in particular. It features adjustable positions and gentle bouncing motions that soothe and entertain your little one. Shop Baby Bjorn Bouncer
  13. Lovevery Play Kits: We had this subscription for Lila and loved it! The toys are simple and engaging. These thoughtfully curated subscription boxes provide age-appropriate toys and activities that promote learning and engagement. Each kit is designed to support your baby's cognitive and physical growth. Shop Lovevery
  14. Newborn Photos: Duh! You didn't think I was going to forget this did you?! Whether you're booking one for yourself, or gifting one to a friend (I sell gifted sessions!) having those sweet moments what your baby is still tiny and your family is growing are the must-haves of the must-have list.

Did I miss anything? I'm going to try to keep this blog up to date and add on to it as clients tell me about new and amazing baby things. If you have a baby item I need to add to this list, let me know here!