1 | The Power Pose

This is a standard pose that we can get so much variety from. It's straight on (or almost) and you're showing off who you are and your confidence! We can get full body, 3/4, a headshot, different angles. It's a versatile pose and great for those grad cards, rush photos and the Gram.

2 | The Twist Your Ring

A variation on the power pose, playing with your ring (or even pretending to if you're not wearing one) let's you show off a little of that fun carefree personality. Pair it with a small smile or little laugh and you've got gold!

3 | The One Knee Up

Sitting and leaning poses give off a more relaxed vibe but can actually be complicated to pull off without looking stiff or awkward. The key is to find a surface, like stairs or a wall or tree, that will allow you to pose with one knee higher than the other. You're creating angles and you look natural.

4 | The Leg Pop

While we're on the topic of legs, let's talk about the leg pop! Laying on your tummy and popping those legs up behind you is always a fun photo. It's a little less formal, but super cute and really let's us focus on your smile! A variation of this one is to pop one leg up while standing for a coy little pose.

5 | The Show Off Your School

Whether it's a hand sign, a shirt or a pennant, show everyone where you'll be going to college with this fun pose! If you know where you're going and you choose a session option with multiple clothing changes, make sure to bring a shirt or some school spirit flare with you! This is a must have to announce on IG!

6 | The Play With Your Hair

Don't know what to do with your hands? Guys never look cooler then when they run their hand through their hair while walking with the other hand in their pocket. And the ladies look so pretty when they twirl their hair, run one or two hands through, lean your head to the side and let it cascade down, we can even play with movement and have you toss your hair over your shoulder. There are so many options here!

7 | The Skirt Walk

Walking photos are great but you can't get a ton of variety with them other than location. Walk toward me here...then here...now over there...We'll do some walking because they make for a couple great photos, but if you want to add some oomf that's where the skirt comes in. You can hold it with one or two hands, wave it back and forth for motion, walk with it and then let it go to create angles and more movement, we can even throw a spin in there!

8 | The Kick

Anything for the shot! This one involves me laying on the ground to get a new perspective and show off your fun side. Variety in a session is important so getting different angles and views is just all in a days work.

9 | The Upside Down

Let's be honest, this one is just plain FUN. If there are stairs around, you know I'm already going to have you sitting on them for The One Knee Up. Then for variety I usually walk behind you, have you twist around and prop your face up in your hands with elbows on a step, and then we end with a completely upside down shot. I just love how it focuses in on your eyes!!

10 | The What Do I Do With My Hands?

This is the hardest part about poseing isn't it? It's so hard to know what to do with your hands. Do you put them in your pockets? On your hips? Hold them together? Thankfully I will tell you (and sometimes even show you) exactly what to do with the whole pose and that includes your hands.