Sometimes starting can be the hardest part.

Planning your senior session is no different. When do I need to take them? Where do I go? What do I wear? One outfit or more? What if I don’t know what to do in my photos? When are they due? Do I want to order cards? 🤯 If you’re wondering some of these very questions, you’re in the right place. This blog is all about senior sessions and will walk you through the when, how, where and all the other things. So scroll down and let’s get started. 


The first thing you need to decide is when you want to have your session. The seasons can have a HUGE impact on how your final images turn out. And while there isn’t one season that’s better than the others in terms of photography there are pros and cons to all four. 


Outdoor sessions can be cold and there’s less light in the day, but these sessions allow you to capture all the warm and cozy vibes. If sweaters, coffee and golden brown tones are your jam, then this is the season for you. You can also always opt for an indoor studio session and curate a more modern look. Winter is also much less busy than spring and fall sessions.


Wildflower, bright sunlight and warmer weather. Spring is typically the most popular season for these sessions. These sessions are light and airy, floral and beautiful. You’re going to want to get on the books (months) early. Spring books quickly. 


Feel like braving the heat? Similarly to winter sessions, the weather makes these sessions a tad less popular and therefore easier to book. But if you’re a beach, pool, sun and fun lover, summer is for you. Summer is also another good season to think about an indoor session. 


Fall is another popular season for senior sessions. It’s also my busy season because I’m taking family photos for holiday cards. So if you have your heart set on a fall session, you’re going to want to book me months in advance as I can only take on a few senior clients for the season. These sessions will look warm and golden and in Texas you can usually get away with multiple looks (summery and cozy) without sweating too badly. 

Don’t forget!

Something else to remember when choosing your session season is that schools have different due dates for sending in your digitals depending on where you’d like them included. Find out when they are due for:

  • Yearbook portraits and/or senior pages
  • Grad ceremonies
  • College applications
  • Sorority/fraternity applications

If you have your heart set on a winter, spring or summer session, you should probably plan to book that for the spring of your junior year so you have the digitals ready in the fall. 

Session Type

Okay. You’ve decided when you want to have your session (and hopefully you’ve reached out to me to begin the booking process 😊) Now what? 

During your booking process we will work together to curate a session that fits who you are uniquely. No two sessions are exactly alike. You’ve worked hard these last four years and I want to help you celebrate YOU! You’ll fill out a detailed questionnaire that helps me get to know you and your style, what you’re looking for, and helps me create something special. 

After that you’ll pick the session package you think will help us achieve the look you’re dreaming of. I offer three different packages:

The Modern | You worked hard those four years, treat yo’ self! Two hours session time, two locations, 3 outfits (dependant on drive time), and includes an online gallery of 35 high res edited images of your choice.

The Classic | Everything you need, nothing you don’t! One hour session time, one location, 1-2 outfits, and includes an online gallery of 20 high res edited images of your choice.

The Best Friend | Share your session with the person who was by your side through it all! One hour session time, one location, 1-2 outfits and includes an online gallery of 20 high res edited images of each participant's choice. Photos will be both individual and with your BFF.

Location. Clothes. Posing. 

Season: Check. Session Type: Check. Now where on to the details. For this step I recommend you create a pinterest board to share with me. This helps define the overall vibe of your session.

You may know exactly where you want your session to happen, and you might not have a clue. No worries. I have an extensive list to walk you through during the booking process, but for now you may want to pin ideas that speak to you. Is it studio photos? A wide open field? The beach? If you see a photo that makes your heart flutter, pin it! 

The same with outfits. If you’re just starting to decide on the look of your session, pin outfits that speak to you. If you’re planning on multiple outfit changes, pin different styles that fit your personality to give your photos variety. And I am always here to help you know what styles/colors/patterns will look flattering.

Posing can feel overwhelming. Wondering what to do with your body, your hands, your legs? How to work with your location and outfit to make it all come together? You can of course pin different things you see, but also know that I’ve got you. I will guide you step by step into poses that look natural and confident and beautiful. 


That was a lot! If you got all the way down here, thanks for sticking with me! When you book your session with me we go through all this and more so that your session is tailored just for you. You’ve taken the first step. You’ve gotten started. Well done!